Rewind Three Step Method

Business Coaching is now an essential part of the modern workplace. Employing a Business Coach takes you above your competitors.

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Empowering and enabling others is my passion. Therapeutic/Life coaching is the skill I use to do this.

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Wellness & Training Consultancy

As an employer, your workforce is at the core of the success of your business.

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About me

Moving forward with purpose is my way of summing up what coaching does. Alongside coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programme underpins my belief that we can all set goals, make changes and live the life we want.

I have 24 years’ experience working with people in a variety of settings. I began
working as a coach when I qualified as a Life and Business Coach in 2007. I had already achieved Level 3 in Counselling Skills and Studies at my local College but there was something with Coaching that just clicked with me. I was amazed at how this focussed method could help me achieve so much in my personal and professional life in such a short space of time.


My Services

Rewind Three Step Method

An interactive workshop that gives your employees' the time and space to think about what causes poor mental health, how to prevent it and create their own individual action plans.

Personal and Professional Coaching

One to one.....a direct identification of what specifically you want to think, feel, say or do.
Are you stuck in a vicious circle? Not sure where you are going/what to do next?

Training Consultancy

Business coaching really is as simple as that! I have been a professional coach for over 10 years. Business coaching excites me as it transforms, pushes forward and creates EXACTLY what YOU want from your business.